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USA visa procedure


To study in the US a student needs good grades and a student visa. The process of getting a student visa can be complicated but GandhiSir.com is always there to show you the right path.

There are three types of a student visa

That is the F-1 visa, M-1 visa and J-1 visa but international students who want to study full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program will need an F-1 visa.

So, when is the right time to apply for a USA student visa?

Only after you’ve applied to and been accepted by a school that has SEVP approval can you submit an application for a student visa. The Student Exchange and Visitor Program are known as SEVP. This programme must certify any US institution that accepts F-1 or M-1 students. You can start the visa application procedure as soon as you’ve been admitted to the college or university you want to attend.

Take into consideration that you must obtain your visa prior to the start of your programme. Although you can obtain a US student visa up to 120 days before the commencement of your programme, you cannot enter the country on this visa until 30 days have passed since the start date.

US student visa application checklist

Here is a list of things you need while applying for a US student visa.

  • Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Money (for visa application fees)

Now comes the procedure to get a student visa

  • First and foremost, apply and get accepted to a US college or university. (Keep in mind to check whether the institute is SEVP approved)
  • Receive the I-20 form from the institute which is basically a certificate for eligibility for non-immigrant student status.
  • Once you receive your I-20 form, we will help you to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. This is mostly paid through credit card and note that this fee is separate from your visa application fee.
  • Then we will help you to submit your additional documents with your visa application.
  • The next step is to fill out and submit the DS-160 form and no need to worry because GandhiSir.com will guide you with that.
  • After that comes the interview part and you will schedule your visa interview.
  • Then comes the visa application fee which is 160 USD and this price is the overall same. As we are concerned about your money, we offer students to pay this fee after the interview.
  • The main part of all is to attend your interview as the interview will decide whether you will receive your student visa or not. Don’t worry about that because GandhiSir.com will help you in preparation for your interview.
  • And once you complete all those steps and pass your interview, you will receive your visa within a specific time period.

Some tips to make your visa process go smoothly

Start early:

You should start your visa process with some time gap to make things go easy and not in a rush because if you start your visa with too little time, it is likely to be refused.

Don’t buy a plane ticket until you have your visa:

Although applying for a student visa early is a good idea, it’s better to wait to purchase any aircraft tickets until you have your visa, as there is no assurance that your application will be accepted.

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