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Top universities of France

Each year, thousands of international students choose France as their study destination because of the country’s romanticism, academic environment, and way of life. The opportunity to enrol at highly regarded European universities while paying some of the lowest tuition costs in the world gives students the best of both worlds. It is possible to meet, get to know, and form connections with individuals from all over the world in The Hexagon, the local term for France. There are also a lot of degrees that are taught in English (over 1,500). You can also pick up the “language of love,” French, which will enable you to take advantage of the local food and tourism attractions even more and help you stand out among employment candidates.

France offers a wide range of educational possibilities, from universities to big ecoles. There are also some of the greatest colleges, business schools, engineering schools, law schools, and medical schools in the globe, with universities that are well-known for their academic excellence and instruction. You may be certain that French universities are the greatest places to earn your Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Ph.D. when you consider the country’s history in the arts, literature, and education. French educational institutions’ strong rankings will also help you land the job or vocation of your dreams.

Top ranked institutes of France

Universities THE Ranking 2022 ARWU Ranking 2022 QS Ranking 2022
PSL Research University 40 40 26
Sorbonne University 88 43 60
Institut Polytechnique de Paris 95 301 48
Paris-Saclay University 117 16 69
University of Paris 155 78 248
ParisTech School of Bridges 251 174
Aix-Marseille University 301 101 490
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon 301 301 111
University of Bordeaux 301 201 521
University of Montpellier 301 151 501
IMT Atlantique – Graduate Engineering School 351
Université Grenoble Alpes 351 101 317
Sciences Po 401 259
Université de Lyon 401 201 601
University of Côte d’Azur 401 501 751
University of Lille 501 301 751
University of Strasbourg 501 101 434
INSA Lyon 601 457
Panthéon-Sorbonne University 601 300
University of Lorraine 601 201 801
University of Nantes 601 601 801
Université de Rennes 801 601 801

QS ranking: One of the most frequently mentioned and utilised rankings is the QS World University Rankings. The majority of the QS rating is based on its academic survey, which asks thousands of academics from around the world on the reputation of universities.

THE ranking: The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, or THE Rankings, compile a range of information. Teaching excellence, research excellence, and research impact are all given equal weight in terms of citations (the quantity of times a university’s research is cited elsewhere).

ARWU ranking: Research output and quality are prioritised in Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities (often abbreviated as ARWU), which is determined by the number of peer-reviewed, published, and cited scientific articles as well as the number of employees or graduates who have won the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal.

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