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Nordic Countries

Study in Nordic Countries

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland’s universities are among the most elite in the world and are renowned for their academic programmes that emphasise problem-solving skills and cutting-edge research.

If you choose to study in Denmark, you will enjoy getting lost amid the country’s abundance of bicycles; if you select Norway, you may mix your studies with a variety of intriguing outdoor activities; and if you choose Sweden, you will enjoy the welcoming attitude of the professors. Above all, these prosperous, stable, and joyous Nordic nations will provide you with a good standard of living.

Whichever of these nations you choose, you will take advantage of a thriving international environment, get to study for nothing, and even get to view the breathtaking Northern lights.

In all of these nations, you can easily communicate with anyone by just addressing them in English, in addition to the fact that you can learn English there.

Nordic country’s visa process

Simply said, you can get a student visa for any Nordic country with the same procedure written below and just to make it simple we will explain to you the procedure for a Norway student visa.

What is the eligibility for getting a Norway student visa?

  1. You must be admitted to a Norwegian university or college.
  2. That institute must be accredited by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT).
  3. Your study course must be full-time.
  4. You should have enough finances so you can cover your study and living expenses.

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Student visa application form
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • The letter of admission from your school
  • Proof that you have enough financial funds
  • Proof of accommodation, and
  • A printed checklist of all the documents required

Some considerable guidelines while submitting your documents:

  • You must hand in your original documents along with their copies.
  • The documents must be in English or Norwegian.
  • You will need to legalize some of your documents through an Apostille stamp. (like your civil documents)
  • And don’t forget your printed checklist

You can travel to Norway to start your studies once you have the Student Visa (Residence Permit for Studying).

If you come from a nation where obtaining a Norwegian visa is normally necessary, the UDI will merely issue you an entry visa, which you may pick up at GandhiSir.com.

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