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After being fully satisfied with the education system and living options, those who are aspirants to study here can apply for a student visa which has a simple procedure. To support the education costs, students can work part-time during the study period, and on completion of their study level, they can have various work options to choose on getting a grant of work visa. 

Following are the steps to start your filing for a study visa in New Zealand:

You need to be very careful at the beginning of your filing procedure as everything depends on your course selection that will provide the relevant outcomes in future. Considering your ability and skill, interest in field, and academic background, you need to select a course according to your choice to pursue either as a diploma or degree at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. After making your mind clear, find this course in popular institutions of the country and compare the benefits. The particular university that meets your expectations, to it, you need to apply your application of enrollment along with submitting your documents and English proficiency proof.

After receiving the offer letter, the next step is to provide a proof of medical fitness which is legally verified by the Immigration of New Zealand and only the approved doctor’s report will be accepted for medical purposes. To know the more information about medical proceedings, you can refer to http://www.immigration.govt.nz/paneldoctors/ that helps you to visit the recommended hospital or doctor for medical checkup. Secondly, to clear any affair free position, there is a need to involve police verification that issues a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the Regional Passport Office or Deputy Commissioner of Police.

For preceding your process further, an application for visa is lodged that requires the submission of documents according to the check list provided on the immigration website. By using the given link http://www.immigration.govt.nz, all the doubts can be clarified and required details should be sent without any delays.

Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS)

It is a safe method of fund transferring to student’s account opened in New Zealand with ANZ bank in which the study aspirant have to deposit the living expenses of one year and tuition fee of the first year. The fees will directly transfer to the selected college from student’s account and during your arrival, monthly installments are allotted for living maintenance.

After clearing all your payments and getting the “Approval in Principle (AIP)”, a notice will be sent to the candidate on the registered email about the response of New Zealand Immigration. If you are eligible, you can get good news shortly after your file lodging in the form of stamped visa.


  • On a single visa, students can study for a five year period in roughly three different courses according to their choice, without reapplying for another course and returning during this permitted period.
  • Educational experience is really effective as the pre planned curriculum switch you continuously into the higher growing stages.
  • While pursuing studies, 20 hours per week work is allowed to earn and gain work experience, but in summer breaks, it will increase to full-time shifts that makes you familiar with country’s work culture.


During your file lodging, you need to provide the below mentioned documents for immigration purpose:

Student Visa Application Form



Education Certificate

English Proficiency Test result

Statement of Purpose

Offer of Acceptance

Health requirements

Police Clearance Certificate

Financial documents


Getting employed on work is the first wish that every student has in mind to gain work experience and to earn. In foreign nation, finding a job becomes more difficult; especially when students do not have proper guidance about it. So, in this situation, they need to talk with study counselors or research on various websites according to a country in which they want to do so.

Job searching sites in New Zealand are:

  • Specialist Migrant job sites: These are mainly developed for giving opportunities to offshore population to work in a high ranking nation according to eligibility. “WorkHere” and “Find jobs |Working in New Zealand” are the famous websites for this purpose.
  • Sector Specific Websites: Here, job search becomes more easier as the field in which you have gained expertise, you can search only for that on relevant sites. Mainly, the professional jobs are posted on such portals like in health, engineering, and other sectors. Some commonly used sites are:
  • Healthcare jobs | Kiwi Health Jobs
  • Education jobs | Education Gazette
  • Dairy farming jobs | Farm Source Jobs
  • General Job Websites: On this site, multiple job vacancies are available in almost every sector that provides opportunities to eligible candidates for upgrading their career. “Trade Me Jobs”, “Seek”, “careers.govt.nz” are the most browsed websites for having knowledge of open jobs in New Zealand.


Students need to find suitable residence for a comfortable stay in foreign land. Housing options are various, but it depends on the student how he/she will choose in terms of facilities, privacy, and financial cost. Among all the residential options, on-campus stay is mostly preferred by students but it costs more than others.

Due to its safety and easy access to college or university classes, mostly international students choose this accommodation option. Here, you need to book it in advance as the rooms are limited and demand is high. You have to find out about the vacant space that further relaxes you in choosing a single room or shared with a friend having different facilities. The cost of living here ranges between 350 to 500 dollars per week.
To enjoy an open environment, international students would stay with local families as a tenant where they can learn more about country’s culture and people. Also, three time meals are offered and other basic requirements are taken care of by the host family. Home stay is the best option to socialize more and take a short experience of living with different people. For a week stay, normally the cost lies between 50 and 350 dollars that vary according to the facilities provided.
It is more flexible option as students can select their own place for stay in the centre of the city or closer to market facilities. Before paying a security deposit, it is advised to check the property and check the repair work so that you can live in an apartment with good condition.

If you are staying alone, rent will be higher, but by sharing it with your friends, the cost would cut off. For a rough evaluation, around 500 to 600 dollars are easily spent on affording a private accommodation in one month.

Cost incurred on Cost
Offer Letter
CAD $75 - $250
Tuition Fees(For 1 Year)
CAD $14000 - CAD$26000
GIC Fees
CAD $10200
Medical Fees
4500 - 7000 Rs.
Embassy Fees
CAD $150
Biometric Fees
CAD $85