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Key benefits of moving to Germany

Germany is more appealing to immigrants than ever because it is known for being a decent place to live and work. There have only been a handful of years since 1950 when more people left Germany than came. High immigration rates, which peaked in 1992, were made possible by the German reunification in 1990. The subsequent years’ positive balance was caused by a favourable economic environment and ongoing labour market stability. The sole decreasing trend was seen in 2008 and 2009, amid the global recession. For the first time since 1984, net migration was negative in both of these years.

Between 2010 and 2015, there was a wider difference between immigration and emigration. Due in part to the high number of refugees, the high positive migration balance of foreigners in 2015 dropped in 2016. In conclusion, an increasing number of people are moving to Germany to pursue careers in business.

Diverse community

Germany has long served as a hub for people from other countries. German citizens and many immigrants who came to our country to work and live with their families coexist together today.

Additionally, many overseas students seek out German colleges as a means of achieving their educational objectives. Having said that, you will come across a variety of communities in Germany, each with unique characteristics that will force you to view the world from a new perspective.

Additionally, you can meet a lot of new acquaintances from all around the world and discover their cultures and traditions.

Cultural and historical heritage

There are remnants of Germany’s vast, rich, and complex history all around the land. You definitely know less about Germany today than you might think. The nation has played a significant role during crucial eras in the history of humanity.

Unparalleled contributions from their locals to historical, cultural, and scientific movements have permanently altered the path of human history. Studying in Germany gives you the chance to see the majority of these cultural and historical treasures, learn incredible tales about them, and create lifelong memories.

Learn a new language

There are many reasons why learning German is incredibly advantageous to you, ranging from future employability to emotional bliss.

The German language is the most widely spoken native tongue on the European continent, and Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. German businesses are leaders in the world and have a vast global branch network.

Therefore, by speaking German, you put yourself in a situation where they will approach you and make you an offer of employment. On the other hand, because German is a language that is widely spoken throughout the world, you have the chance to travel and visit new locations

Bring your family to join you

All ages of children are accepted in Germany. When a worker gets a residency or settlement permit, particularly an EU Blue Card for Germany, it is simple to convince their family to move in with them if their housing is big enough, the family has a stable source of income, and the spouse is of legal age. A total of 96,633 visas for the family reunion were issued in 2019.

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