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  • Western Australian Capital Territory, the home of Canberra, is the newly established among the Australian States and Territory Legislatures.
  • The Northern Territory, earlier famous as Ayres Rock, is a spellbound place for visitors to explore more and its capital city is in Darwin.
  • New South Wales, one of the best education destinations chosen by foreign students, is a closer neighborhood to Sydney that is a lovable spot for tourists as well as for study purposes.
  • Queensland has its current popularity the name Sunshine State of Australia which is known for its tourist spots like beach surfing, tropical rainforests, and other hospitality sectors including well-furnished resorts. Its capital city, Brisbane, is rapidly expanding its touring facilities; especially to Gold Coast.
  • South Australia’s capital city, called Adelaide, has its main significance as the City of Churches that appears like a beautiful garden of incomparable features with any other mainland.
  • Tasmania, renowned worldwide as Apple Isle, is a beautiful state that fills the whole island with the earth’s wonderful gifts to refresh the environment in the lap of elegant waterfalls, mesmerizing mountains, royal rivers, and other natural objects. Also, the historical living places have been changed with a landscape view with more attractive sources.
  • Victoria, being the smallest but most highly populated state, is accredited as the Garden State is widely used for a great road network, and provides options for a touring holiday. Melbourne, the capital city, has a reputation for providing the best accommodation and tour facilities with good road infrastructure.

Western Australia, the largest of all states, has a Mediterranean climate throughout the year due to its covering with beautiful reserves and gardens. The capital city, Perth, has its great name as the City of Lights and is the largest among other cities in Western Australia.

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