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About Gandhisir.com

10+ Years of Your Trust and Recommendation

Over the last 10 years , we have helped students , business persons , tourists in settling their career across the globe.Building happiest clients every year and adding feather of success in Company's Crown which is a confidence of growth for new clients and young aspirants .

Trusted by Millions

Most trusted & recommended by millions of students

Awards Winner

Most trusted & recommended by millions of students

Gandhisir.Com carries 10+ Year’s
Awesome history


Started Journey in 2008

The first institution in Sangrur district to start imparting IELTS training. Every year, a new milestone was laid down.

IDP and British Council Partner

Remained distinct partner of IDP and British Council (India).

Quality Teaching

GS, Known for Quality teaching, was awarded by the renowned organisation for his remarkable teaching performance.

Tireless personality

Tireless personality, who not only made IELTS concepts easier for the students but also made a need of an hour for the students in and around the area.

Steped into student visa

In 2012, initiative was taken to direct the students in Visa as well.

Students counselling

In a first-year, appreciation award was given to counsel the students in nearby schools and colleges

Journey of 3 years

Journey of 3 years was like a boon for Gandhisir.com, IELTS and visa success rate reached to above 90% from where Gandhisir.com organisation stepped-up and never looked back.

Tree of IELTS

Gandhisir.com was the first organisation in the region which planted a tree of IELTS and student visa.

Birth of new Arena

Year by year, popularity was gained in rural and urban areas, as a result, blind faith of people was earned by this organisation


Not only to students, even creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs who got inspiration and opened up new institutions in the region.

Gandhisir’s magic

End of years might be a bit discouraging because of changing company’s name, however Gandhisir’s magic of teaching and guiding still impacting.

Success rate

In 2019, all previous records of himself breached more than 2000 students cleared IELTS, not only this 300+ students got student visas of top countries Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Unstoppable Journey

The year 2020, was a blackout for institution across the world, nevertheless Gandhisir. Com is unstoppable.

Another milestone

Brought a revolution in online teaching. Another milestone was achieved by teaching 300+ students in 10 different groups.

business growth

Success does not halt here, to scale up business, branches of Gandhisir.com was opened in Moga, Samana, Mohali, Dirba and Barnala.

Current growth

Currently, the growth of business multiplied, elevated by 30% than previous years.

10 K+

Happy Clients & Students

10 +

Countries Affiliation


Top University Partner

13 k+

Visa & Immigration
Our Missions

Our Mission, Vision and Values

To bring Educational Excellence , to be a true guide for the students and provide service online and offline globally . Plan is set to complete this mission by the next couple of years and mark a new milestone .

Our vision is to set up 50 Visa career counselling Centres by 2025 in the Northern part of India. It will be built up with strong willpower, system leadership, social mobility and an organised plan of B2B and B2C. Keeping all in mind, it is a big vision to impart training of IELTS and PTE students which will be scaled up to 30000 students offline and online mode than today.

We aim to:
* Transform the educational model from offline teaching to various online mediums or platforms.
* Make a provision to students for their higher education growth in developed nations like Canada, UK, Australia or NZ
* Ensure aimful and high achievements are rewarded through all our study centres
* Create a diverse network of trust among the people, ensuring every child has access to study abroad in Top colleges and universities.

* Service – Being An Educationist, always be trustworthy in a community.
* Teamwork – Working together for a better world .
* Ambition – Never give up till mission completes.
* Respect – Salute to Every client and team member.


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Our Company's Building Blocks

Sukhdev Gandhi

CEO, Gandhisir.com

Rupali Gandhi

Strategic Planner

Lalit Kalra

Senior Manager


Sr. Visa Counsellor & Admin Head

Sandeep Gill

Technical Head

Dilpreet Kaur

Academic Head