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New Zealand, a vibrant country for everything either studies, work, or lifestyle, has been starting its day with the first obeisance to the sun. With the refreshing morning, visitors have a day start to surround themselves with fantastic landscapes, dense forests, and exclusive coastlines that add fame to the beauty of the place. The more cleaner and beautiful environment is available for studies and living, the more the students get charmed by it to gain life experiences. The country size is approximately similar to Japan and UK, and the capital is Wellington.

Out of the total 16 regions in New Zealand, 11 are being managed by the regional council, and the rest 5 are taken care of by territorial authorities. Students who seek international studies in NZ often choose the most sought-after cities such as Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Otago, and Palmerston North. The climate is moderate throughout the year which suits completely to the stay of international students as January and February are the time periods of warmness, while July has the chilly cold weather.

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