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Canada, a highly popular country especially among Indians, is the largest country in the continent of North America that stands at the second position when seen across the world. It has around 35 million inhabitants which accounts for its small proportion but its prosperity is much more.

Due to the shortage of labour force, it welcomes foreign immigrants to be a part of this nation and provides them services like quality studies, work facilities, and other amenities to lead a comfortable and good quality of life.

Canada is a famous tourist destination that is preferred wholeheartedly by various travellers and business promoters for exploring worldwide opportunities. The official capital city of Canada is Ottawa, located in Ontario region.

To be clearer, the first names that mainly every Indian knows are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec which are metropolitan cities situated near the US borders.

Here, the work opportunities are higher and many high-ranking colleges and universities offer courses both undergraduate and postgraduate to international students as well. There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada that have been managed by six-time zones due to their large size. A large portion of the country reported approximately two-thirds are left uninhabited and only 30% is available in the form of woodlands.

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