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Canada Visitor Visa

Every year, millions of visitors and travellers travel to various regions of the world to see friends and family or simply to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. Depending on the location, the visitor visa is valid for a few months and can be used for single or multiple entries.

While you cannot work on a tourist visa, you can travel across the nation for leisure and enjoyment.

We can help you in making the strongest case possible for your visitor visa using our extensive understanding of Canadian immigration rules. The following are some of the services that our team can provide for you:

  • Advising you on how to present your case in order to lessen the likelihood of a personal interview
  • Offering financial advice 
  • Assisting you with the preparation of papers to be submitted
  •  Form completion
  •  Examining all of your documents


The Canada Visitor Visa is a simple visa application that allows you permission to visit Canada for up to six months. Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are the two types of Canada visas available. Foreign nationals can only visit Canada once with a single-entry visa. While the visa is valid, the holder of a multiple entry visa can enter and depart the country as many times as they like. You do not have to apply for a specific type of visiting visa; all applicants are automatically evaluated for multiple entry visas, and single-entry visas are only granted in extraordinary situations. As long as the visa is valid, the holder of multiple-entry visitor visas can visit Canada as many times as they like for six months at a time.

Who needs a visitor visa to enter Canada?

Visitors from other countries want to come to Canada for the following reasons:

  • For the purpose of recreation and tourism
  • Want to meet their loved ones (Family, Friends and relatives)
  • For business purpose

Minimum Requirements for a Visitor Visa to Canada

  • A Valid Passport
  • Be In Good Health
  • No Criminal Record
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds
  • Iterinary and Return Tickets
  • Proof of job, family and funds

The following are the seven essential documents for obtaining a visitor visa to Canada:

1. Have a passport

A valid passport and other relevant travel documents are required. When applying for a Canada visa, you must submit two photocopies of your passport's information page.

The photocopies should have the following information:

  • Dates of passport issuance and expiration
  • Personal Information (picture, name, date of birth, and birthplace) 
  • Passport Number
2. Must have Photographs

When applying for a Canada Tourist Visa, you must provide at least two passport-size pictures.

 3. Evidence of funding

You must show that you will be able to support the family throughout your stay or vacation in Canada. The following are the papers you must present as evidence of funds:

  • Statements of Bank account
  • Employee letter of employment (to show your annual earnings)
  • Financial proof (own or from friends or relatives) to fund your costs throughout your stay is required
  • Proofs of the person who will be your host throughout your stay in Canada
  • Other financial evidence include property, PPFs, stocks, and FDs, etcetera
  • Documents of the previous three years' tax filings
4. Send a cover letter

You should provide a cover letter or statement to the Canadian government stating why you should be granted a Tourist Visa.

5. Invitation letter

You must present a letter of invitation obtained from your family members or friends if you are visiting them.

6. Flight Tickets

A detailed itinerary for your vacation, including flight tickets to and from to justify that you will come back to your country after a temporary stay. 

7.  Proof of Documents

You must convince the visa authorities that you do not intend to stay in Canada. The following documents are required:

  • Employment proof: Employment Details of your contract claiming that you are a permanent employee, your work position in the organisation, and when you intend to return to work.
  • Proof of lease and property dealing: These documents demonstrate that you will return to your home nation after your trip.

The application procedure for a Canada visitor visa requires patience in order to complete a few steps:

Step 1: Download the Visa Application Forms and fill.

Step 2: Attach all supporting papers to the application.

Step 3: Pay the visa application fees as well as the biometrics fee.

Step 4: Fill out and submit your application.

Step 5: Visit the embassy or consulate and provide your biometrics (fingerprint and picture).

Step 6: You will be notified of your decision after examining your background check and eligibility.

Note: The immigration authorities may request more documentation during the evaluation stage.


Application Fees: CAD $100 

Biometric Fees: CAD $85