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Learning in a university or polytechnic opens doors to a great career.

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Learning in a university or polytechnic opens doors to a great career.

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About Gandhisir.com

10+ Years of Your Trust
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Over the last 10 years, we have helped students, business persons, tourists in settling their careers across the globe.Building happiest clients every year and adding feather of success in Company's Crown which is a confidence of growth for new clients and young aspirants.

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Career Counseling

GS Career Advisors will not limit their guidance to right country and university but also extend it to take the right career decision. Our team will assist you in shortlisting the relevant options as per the education background and career objectives in different countries that leads to assured positive results.

Applications and Scholarship

After making decision on University and Course selection, our Admission Team will proceed your application for Offer Letter (Admission Letter) and guide you for documents required for that. 

Interview Preparation

Our Interview Team prepare and brief the students about the interview that will be conducted during admission process or Visa Process. Not every student will face the interviews. It depends upon country, university and course selection. GS leaves no stone unturned in thoroughly preparing clients for their interview.

Assistance in Fee Payments

We will make each and every step clear to our clients for making the international fee payments like Tuition fees, GIC, Biometric Fee, embassy fee etcetera.

Visa Filing and Success

The visa application process is the most crucial stage in studying abroad. All of the other efforts would be worthless if there was a minor error in this process. As a result, our Filing Officer will assist you through the entire visa application procedure, from filling out the application forms to having your documents ready and submitting them on time in order to get positive outcome. 

Post Visa Services

Course Registrations, Travel, accommodation, forex, and insurance coverage are among the additional services that we provide to students. We ensure that you are at ease as soon as you arrive at your desired location. So, in this way we are there to help you at every step. 

We're Global Partner

It is true, the journey of Gandhisir.com is not a one day venture or an easy task. Working round the clock and years have built a concrete relationship with distinct Top Universities and Colleges across the Globe where students of every stream are studying or working in abroad. Universities of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ now feel proud and glad to work with the network of our company because of genuine Admission counselling, candidate selection and making Visa processing easier.

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